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"Our behavior is a function of our decisions and not our conditions."

We function by bringing about improvement of our Products and Services, on a continuous basis as an internal initiative and not just as a response to external influence. Internal feedback cycles and automation drives ensure that we always have something new and better to announce on a regular basis. Proactivity is so imbibed into our culture that it allows us to maintain an exponential growth rate and keeps us ahead of our competitors at all times.


Through our experience and expertise and our total control over the entire supply chain, we bring to you high quality specialty chemicals at extremely competitive prices. By way of intense co-ordination with the manufacturing plants, we ensure very stringent product quality compliance. These modern manufacturing facilities, staffed by well-trained technical personnel, have been visited by customers and have passed rigorous quality audits. As a result, our products have gained wide acceptance and we have an excellent track record of meeting customers' needs. Our commitment and dedication have allowed us to maintain a strong and loyal customer base.

R & D :

The R&D and Quality Control Centres are staffed by teams of highly qualified and trained technical personals who are constantly working on the research and development of new products and at the same time improve our current products.

  It is their constant endeavor :
to develop new products and process for products manufactured
to improve the efficiency of the existing processes
to develop process controls for better quality in production
to develop methods by which waste products of the present manufacturing processes can be
profitably utilized and help to reduce environmental pollution
to develop new analytical methods for process control
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