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  The strength of any given concrete is inversely related to the water/cement ratio. Low the water content increases the strength of the concrete. Water is an essential ingredient of concrete where it plays two basic roles:

it gives concrete the required rheological properties and
it participates in the reaction of hydration.

The ideal concrete should thus only contain the minimal quantity of water necessary to develop the maximum possible strength of cement while providing sufficient workability for placement. However, since cement particles have a strong tendency to flocculate when they are brought in contact with water, it is necessary to add more water than is necessary in order to obtain a certain level of workability. Since this additional water will never be in the hydration reaction, it will generate porosity within the hydrated cement paste, resulting in a weakening of the mechanical properties of concrete and in a decrease of its durability.

All this can be achieved by adding admixtures like Superplasticizers,Water Reducers etc.
  Superplasticizers are powerful dispersing agents. As with most dispersing agents in aqueous solutions, they first act by being absorbed onto the surface of cement particles. With superplasticizers water reducing can reach about 20 to 30%. Very highly workable even flowing concrete can be produced.

We offer the following range of Superplasticizers:

Aaryaplast 2310 PC
Superplasticizer for Super-High Strength and Flowable Concrete

Aaryaplast 1211 SP-M
Superplasticizer for Concrete

Aaryaplast 2602 SP
Superplasticizer for Zero-Slump Concrete
Water Reducers
  Aaryaplast 2206 WR
Normal-Setting Admixture for Concrete

Aaryaplast 1712 WR
Superior Finishing Admixture for Concrete
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